Someone operating under the name of NXIVM author Omar Rosales called our courageous witness Ben a liar and ugly juvenile names. Watch Rosales corroborate Ben’s NXIVM witness testimony below.

At the comment below you can see that someone operating under the name Omar Rosales failed to spell the subject of Rosales’ book. “Rosales” cruelly mocks Ben and he falsely accuses Ben of being a liar. I asked “Rosales” to do an Ask Me Anything on Reddit to see if he could keep his story straight as Ben has done. We heard no response to that request. 


This is the video where in the comments “Omar Morales” defames, mocks and falsely accuses our witness Ben who has heroically stepped forward to reveal the Truth about political figures who appeared to work with NXIVM.

Here below is where Omar Rosales corroborates Ben’s story. Rosales says in this video that NXIVM courted politicians to gain credibility with potential marks. Rosales also corroborates Ben’s story that Raniere wanted his cult members watching snuff films. Rosales also validates Ben’s claims that Richard Branson and Eric Schneiderman were connected to NXIVM!


Rosales says in this video below that the women who came forward about NXIVM are brave and yet “Rosales” in my comments section treats Ben’s bravery with mockery, false accusations and contempt.

Here is where “Rosales” proclaims that Ben’s story has been “debunked” by not only him but various other NXIVM types. “Rosales” clearly expects us to just accept his conclusion without offering ANY reason to do so.


Why “Rosales” came to my YouTube channel to expose himself like this is quite a mystery. Could the “Omar Rosales” in my comments section be the author of that NXIVM exposé?


We found someone just as crass and abusive as “Omar Rosales” on What are the chances? “Former Nexian” even used the same exact childish name in an attempt to smear our courageous witness. Someone even went back to that thread to try some narcissistic abuse against me. Check out the kind of people who fight Truth with every cell they’ve got.


I have to conclude Ben is saying something they really find terrifying.

You be the judge. The commenters at this post are the most vicious I’ve seen against Ben’s congruent testimony to date: