The Sun Never Sets On Satan’s Empire.

TRUTH. I realized the British Empire rules over us a few months ago. Napoleon’s main enemy never really was beaten and now here we are! They murdered him too and pinned it on cancer because they didn’t have the balls to execute him out in the open like they probably wanted to.


How do I know this? Because they executed the guys under Napoleon like that. That’s how I know that’s what the “allies” wanted to do. It was that infernal club running affairs then too. They were psychopathic, incestuous, low functioning. Soldiers wanted to die under Napoleon’s command if he was going to be destroyed rather than be ruled by those monsters.


Now they use all these screeens to trick people into adoring those “monarchs” who most certainly don’t look like the rest of us. When the masses start getting mad, I think they even intentionally wind the population up against the Jewish people. It’s a Satanic problem we’re facing. Something tells me if the antichrist ever does show up - it may be here now - it’s going to have a posh British  accent.