Tanster Investigates: Is The Soundgarden Song Blackhole Sun Really Saturn Worship?

The lyrics to the very dark song “Blackhole Sun” are at the link below. It occurred to me that this song might be about Saturn. It popped out at me that the singer Chris Cornell says in the lyrics, “I hang my head”.


Didn’t Chris Cornell supposedly hang himself in the last few years? Derek said the death had something to do with the eclipse on 8/21/17. That eclipse was like a “blackhole sun” The song Blackhole Sun is from the 90s. Look at the lyrics yourself to see if it offers any clues it’s a song of worship for Saturn? 




At gematrinator.com, you can put all the words associated with a media story in their calculator and then you can look at the numbers in the basic four ciphers. The site does a lot more than that. It takes time playing with the gematrinator calculator to unlock its amazing number revealing power.


In this case I would insert Chris Cornell media story type words and then I’d quickly double tap “return” in the word prompt box on gematrinator.com. I’m using an iPhone. You can look at the numbers or “vibrations” of the words when you look at the associated numbers. For example something that pops out to me is that: the number 33 is associated with the following words:






Since 3+3=6. What ever vibration makes up 6, also probably makes up 33. Notice my screenshot says 3:21 AM. 3+2+1=6. 6 like 3+3.


Chris Cornell can be broken down to CC. CC=33. 



Was Cornell partnered with a woman who has got that little bit extra if you know what I mean? Check.


We can verify at the link below that the media is saying that Cornell hanged himself. So that’s weird Blackhole Sun contains the lyric “I hang my head”. The fact that Cornell basically foreshadowed his death in the 90s surely must mean something. Was Cornell just a phony story all along? 


Also so why do all these celebrity deaths have all this mystery around them? It really does seem they’re murdering celebrities. The media basically must have some reason for broadcasting all these suspicious celebrity death stories.




This should be a link to my bitchute channel where I uploaded the video to Blackhole Sun. Does the video offer any clues that it is about Saturn Worship? 




Here is a link about the occult meaning of the black sun: