Part of this project is me being my very unusual self.

I grew up seeing Napoleon represented as a short tyrant who was never happy with what he had. The people who run the media projected that on him. That’s who those people are. 


I have always been super ultra driven. When I was around 25, I saw a beautiful love letter written by Napoleon on the back of a book.  


“Not a day goes by without my loving you, not a night goes by without my holding you. I curse the call to glory and ambition which wrench me from the soul of my life. If I leave you with the speed of the River Rhône, it is only to return to you sooner. You are soul of my life!”


I wrote that from memory but it was something along those lines. That’s what woke me up. I realized in that library that they all lied to me about Napoleon. He was a sensitive and loving and talented man.


It took me producing plays about Napoleon and studying at the Sorbonne in Paris to finally get that view of Napoleon, the short despot, out of my mind. We are deeply programmed in this world of lies. 


One day my aunt who believes in reincarnation said I was so into Napoleon because I knew him in a past life. Eventually I began having memories of him. Since I think this world runs on greed and lies, I have no interest whatsoever in conforming.


Over the years, I came to believe I was Napoleon’s stepdaughter Hortense. She wrote memoirs that expressed how she felt about him and how the autocrats framed Napoleon by spreading the rumor Napoleon was the Antichrist. The antichrist faction are the ones who crafted that LIE.


This is the account of Napoleon which I consider most True:


A lot of this adventure is about Napoleon who I believe exists as a Spirit. I believe the spirit realm is real and that the more a person interfaces with it, the better one gets at interacting with it. The hero’s journey always seems to have a spiritual element. Mine is the same. 


This is a painting depicting Napoleon at the bloodless coup d’etat of France in 1799. 


Napoleon’s stepdaughter became Napoleon’s sister in law when she agreed to marry Napoleon’s awful brother Louis. This unhappy marriage produced Napoleon the Third. This photograph below is of the son of Napoleon the Third, also named Napoleon (of course). This Napoleon, the Imperial Prince, was the grandson of Hortense de Beauharnais Bonaparte. He resembles his grandmother that he never met. Hortense died in her 50s from cancer. 


Hortense de Beauharnais Bonaparte.


This below is Louis Bonaparte when he was quite young. The Bonaparte’s were an extremely narcissistic Corsican family. Napoleon raised Louis after their father died. Napoleon was a nearly destitute soldier in his early twenties on sick leave during most of the time he was raising Louis.


Napoleon tried to stay out of the civil war that was raging in France since the revolution began in the 1780s. Napoleon later said he had an instinct to avoid fighting Frenchmen if he could manage it.


Hortense said Napoleon was at his happiest when he made a deal with England in 1802 to establish peace (The Treaty Of Amiens). Napoleon was very clear that he went to war mostly when he was being forced into it because the other countries who were all “friends” could not abide by the treaties they signed. This is a massive simplification but Napoleon was not the warmonger he has been made out to be by the controlled media and education system.


The famous story is that the Rothschild Empire rose due to their DECEPTIVE machinations concerning the fall of Napoleon. Those people needed war to enhance their power then just like they do today.


Napoleon wouldn’t back down to the lying autocrats and that worked wonderfully for the bankers who have us trapped right now in their witchcraft paper money system.