Random Headlines About Eric Schneiderman and NXIVM.

Ben Our Witness says he saw disgraced NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman back when he was a state senator at a NXIVM mixer. Since 2007, when Ben claims to have met Schneiderman, Schneiderman appears to have received a promotion and he’s been pushed out of that promotion for supposedly battering his partners. 


Just some googling below, let’s take a look. 


Here we see Eric Schneiderman was the person commissioned with “investigating” NXIVM and he decided to drop it?  Below we see a “FACT” that Schneiderman did not traffic children. Okay. I wasn’t thinking about that until “politifact” told me not to think that. See the Orwell 1984 around us.


Here we have a big paper saying NO, NXIVM is NOT TIED TO THE CLINTONS. Which only makes me think more THAT IT IS. 


Illegal human experiments sponsored by the government - hmm - I associate that with Nazi Germany and then the US after the US snapped up all those Nazi sponsored scientists during Project Paperclip. 


Is Ben’s story found incongruent by these random internet headlines? You tell me.