I like this project a lot. Corey Gil-Shuster asks Israelis the public’s questions.


I want to clarify if it’s not totally clear that the policies of our countries is not the fault of the people. I feel it intensely that I must fight the lies that have run rampant. Without wanting to we the people become complicit in the crimes of the cryptocratic elites just by accepting their system. To cleanse myself of the spiritual filth that I feel surrounds me I fight because this is my attempt to make the best of an unfortunate situation. 


I have some serious questions about certain themes in the Bible but I do feel connected and guided by the spirit of Jesus (I know they didn’t use Js so that can’t be the right name but I don’t think it matters.) 


I do believe in loving one’s enemies and my enemies are not the people of any nation. I merely feel I must combat LIES. 


I am am attempting to battle evil without becoming evil.