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Question: Did anyone from NXIVM try to contact you later?

Ben’s answer: NXIVM never tried to make contact with Me not to My knowledge at least.


Question: What about Weiner? Was he an organizer or a guest?

Answer: Schneiderman and Weiner's presence seemed odd but at the time these People weren't any headliners in the news.


Question: Was this mixer on campus at Yale or did the college have anything to do with advertising it?

Answer: This party was not a Yale or NHU event, the Host I believe may have been doing Graduate work at Yale but don't quote Me on that one. If I were to Speculate on the Host, she could very well have been the daughter or granddaughter of a Judge or CEO or someone with some amount of power or money. 


Question: Who is this guy Ben? I searched the internet and I still can’t get my head around it. Is he a producer?

Answer: I'm not a Producer, just worked on films sets in Connecticut and New York from 1998-2000. 


Question from The_Donald on Reddit: Was this an eyes wide shut type party? 

Answer: No it was more a sorority party than anything else. No but still I never went into the back bedrooms so who knows.


Another question for Ben: You said you thought Mack had “fat rich girl ankles”. You also said Mack was wearing knee high boots. How could you see the ankles through the boots? Thank you for answering our questions.

Answer: just because they're boots doesn't mean they can concealed fat ankles


Question: Why did Weiner call Huma his wife in 2007, when they got married in 2010? 

Answer: He definitely didn't want Me checking her out , that is why I think he said she was his wife. I don't know have You ever met a couple that eloped then had a real wedding later. I am telling You what I was told, never thought to go fact check the guys life to see if He was lying to me. Also looking at Huma and Anthony's marriage I can't imagine it was a normal thing, I would almost think it was set up/arranged the actual wedding may have just been for show, but there I am just speculating.