Massive Opportunity To Prove Truth.

We have a massive opportunity. Ben Our Witness says he saw Stormy Daniels, Eric Schneiderman, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin all looking like they were a part of the staff at NXIEVM.

People aren’t believing him and Reddit actually muted him for 72 (9!) hours. We posted this to the most protrump subreddit IMAGINABLE. They don’t want him to talk on the subreddit The_Donald. That means a whole lot of things.

We are doing an AMA for Ben Our Witness, ongoing in the comments of my YouTube Channel The Tanster. You can also ask him anything about that night in the comments here on

Ben wants to prove his story is True. We’re seeing if he will always be able to keep his story straight. That’s how you’ll know it’s True so test him so he can prove it’s True. He is a very talented writer who has had a lot of experience at the edge of mostly evil people. I can also say that I have as well. Please join the conversation.


This post was almost immediately removed from Reddit/r/Conspiracy. For questions: comments section

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