Mag Says The Bible Is Not The One Thing Exempted From Being Tainted By The Devil Worshippers.

Mag broke some hearts about the Bible in this video but when we connect to that Divine spark inside we can hear the Truth.


There is Truth in the Bible. Christianity is largely a story about God sacrificing His Son like a satanist would. That’s going to have to jump out at people. Who would want everybody believing that God tortured and murdered His Own Son? Think about it. Who controlled the publication of the Bible and put Baphomet drawings on it, coming from England, a very satanic country?

God is real. We can align with God. It’s personal. The devil worshippers want us to think we have to go through them to get to God. They’re trying to trick people to rely on their deceptive media essentially. Everybody has a powerful connection to their Spirit available at all times. Everything they do is to trick you out of knowing that.