Stormy Daniels Honored by West Hollywood. You Know A Tree By Its Fruits.

I’m not totally trusting the motivations of the content creator of this video. I’ve heard him talk about likes and subscriptions enough that I wonder if he’s out for attention and notoriety. BUT he makes some good points.


Sonny, the content creator of this piece, claims to be on a mission and so do I. The Oligarch Club does everything they can to obscure the Truth.


What Truth? Maybe that they’re a bunch of vampires that feed on us like livestock. Constant war and all kinds of institutionized slaughtering systems may be in place to satiate their limitless thirst for blood.


If you had to kill animals to eat meat, you’d probably eat less meat, right? I’m talking about that sort of thing. They get us hooked on lots of meat so we become complicit in their violent ways. Since there obviously is a war raging for minds, it is more vital than ever to be able to ascertain what’s True. This is how I determine what’s True:


You know a tree by its fruits. 


If a story is congruent, it’s probably True. 


Anything I say goes through those two filters.