My Thoughts On Guns.

The government passed the Smith-Mundt act that says that the government can lie to us and they can stage “events” to change our thinking. Most people who set out to kill people do not check if they are conforming to the law. Getting a legal gun is very difficult in my state. It took a year and I don’t even have the legal right to take it outside of my house except to go directly to a gun range. If the government passes laws where they can lie and do whatever they want - is it a good thing to convince law abiding people that a lying government should have a monopoly on guns?


What if they start rounding us up like they did numerous times before, once they have confiscated weapons from regular people. The media has also won the right to lie to the public through the news.


I don’t see how making sure only liars have guns is the solution. We can’t believe one word on the news. It has been proven to be deceptive countless times. They even have the legal right to lie. They have the right to lie. If I leave my house I don’t even have the legal right to carry a gun to defend myself.


The talking point we always hear: “We just need common sense gun laws”. Yeah right. The government lies. The TV lies. They do stage events to emotionally manipulate the public. You can try to imagine which events are real and which ones are propaganda. Hint: if a story isn’t congruent, it’s probably not True.