A Witness Connects Eric Schneiderman, Stormy Daniels, Anthony Weiner And Huma Abedin To NXIVM Cult.

I recently spoke to a man named Ben Szemkus who attended a mixer in Hamden, CT 2/07.

He said that his friend took classes at Yale and she invited him to attend a gathering in the apartment of a young woman. He says at first the mostly female crowd watched Smallville and they were talking about a special guest who would attend who was “an adult film star”. When Ben asked if they were talking about a porn star, he was told yes, but don’t say that after she arrives.

The pornstar did arrive with a large black male bodyguard. Ben says he shared some cigarettes with this pornstar who turned out to be a Stormy Daniels.

Ben says Stormy seemed exceptionally nervous but he found her engaging and easy going otherwise.

Ben says that Allison Mack was running the gathering. Mack called the other women “bitch”. She was wearing knee high leather boots and he viewed her as an 80s movie prison warden type. He said she must be very photogenic because in person she was a “plain Jane”.

Ben told me that he was hanging out on the deck while the mostly female Yale crowd watched a snuff film together inside.

Some of them said they thought the snuff film looked fake. A person ate brains in it.

Then Ben says a creepy guy with black circles around his eyes showed up. After he introduced himself, Ben learned this individual’s name is Eric Schneiderman and he was a NY State Senator.

After that a little sweaty dude who seemed as if he had had a long day appeared with a striking and engaging middle eastern woman. Ben later learned that this couple were Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin. Ben also met Keith Raniere and his presence was found to be somewhat disconcerting. Raniere mentioned they were doing a program to teach children several languages at once.

Ben tells me people were disappointed Kristin Kreuk (of Smallville fame) couldn’t make it. Not too much later, Ben left the strange event and mostly forgot about it. Now he’s realizing that he may have attended a NXIVM mixer.