A Redditer Asks: “Why Is Everyone Here So Antisemitic?”

If the powers that be are deliberately trying to foment “antisemitism”, they are executing their plan to perfection. White people from Europe are hard to identify as semites, if reality matters at all.


Make a country REALLY hypocritical. Base the justification for that country on lies.

Make it dangerous, to the point of putting people on the streets, to criticize them.

Lock up some grannies for speaking their Truth.

Arrest a weird dude on YouTube for making a joke.

The kind of joke that made Mel Brooks filthy rich.

Enforce laws on the public. The law doesn’t apply whatsoever to those at or near the top.


I believe that “antisemitism” and “racism” are how the elite are masking their systemic murder and rape of children. As long as these dark occultists can gaslight and shame and frighten people into silence, they get to keep on murdering, raping and stealing. I think waspy, black, Arab, Jesuit, Latino and Asian dark occultists are all hiding behind this trick they conjured up called “antisemitism”.

All paid shills for dark occultists are selling their souls. The fight for good is purifying and I highly recommend it. What if dying fighting the good fight is a wonderful thing? The dark occultists have drilled a fear of death in us because they fear death. If someone is aligned with the good side - there is nothing to fear. Every day is an adventure.