Did MrE Get “Too Close to the Truth?”

Many of us were intrigued by a rock and roll guy named MrE. He said all the women in the public eye were “trannies”. He coined the term “transpocalyse”.

Though I found MrE VERY funny he did go too far but that’s what made him so appealing.

If the public eye pregnancies are just a bunch of lies and prosthetics? Then:

From where do they get the babies? Pizzagate is about people who buy and sell babies.

After perfecting his work and fulfilling his promise to try and find out from where they get the babies, he created his masterpiece: “The Breeding Program”. Not long after posting this on YouTube, MrE disappeared.


Luckily, I mirrored this video to my YouTube channel. 

Did MrE pay the ultimate price for revealing the Truth about the Breeding Program? Is this video why MrE just disappeared?