Q Looks Like A Psyop.

A lot of us are following the story around the alleged Q psyop. Here is Nathan’s video on the minutiae of this subject. A lot of people are pressuring Nathan to move on BUT learning about Q is learning about the most sophisticated psyop of right now in my opinion. Nathan says he’s seeing Israeli Intelligence behind this psyop and that theory makes sense.


Here is Tracy Beanz defending herself. Basically she’s good and has a lot of tragic stuff she’s going through and if anyone isn’t on her side, well, they’re just plain evil. Where have I heard that sort of rhetoric before? It’s called a double bind and it is something heavily employed by self serving narcissists when they’re getting exposed. Not saying that’s what Beanz is doing. Just saying I’ve seen LOTS of narcissists in that mode when they’ve found themselves cornered by their lying ways.