What I’m Seeing Right Now

I think the elites are winding us up against the “Jews” deliberately. I’m not sure why. They’re probably giving us a scapegoat. I think the real enemy is the Rothschilds and others like them, many of them who do not pretend to be “Jews”. The common denominator is their intense satanism - whatever they’re calling it. I think even this whole Jew/antisemitism is just another one of their witchy games intended to throw us off. They want Truthers to look like “Nazis”. I think the censorship and locking up grannies for “holocaust denial” is to make us react into sounding like rabid “racists”. I think even what I’m doing (truthtelling) plays into their agenda because I’m helping to create division - which is what they want. But I have to do this. People must be warned.


Alignment with God which I consider an art is our best move. All of us True humans have a voice which will guide us to our highest destiny. I think it’s about obedience to this higher will. They think they are gods and that they are creating everything with their thoughts and manipulation and spells.


The religions have been infiltrated. I think we’re here to become our better selves through service to the Almighty - who Truly loves us and wants the very best for us.


People have freewill here. That’s not violated and by allowing everyone freewill we can see who is who.