What’s A Saturnian Celebration Without A Massive Massacre?

Clarification: I am not against the people of any nation but I am against lying murderers. Lying murderers come in all shapes, nationalities and colors. Never let them bait you into thinking this is the fault of one race. I believe the kind of people who can create “events” like 911 and other numerous false flags cannot be fully human. They must be inhabited or possessed by something malevolent in my opinion.


Clarfication over. The post begins here. This is very explosive content but the Truth is the Truth: 


Clifford shows why he believes Israel is celebrating their 70th anniversary with yet another massacre. Clifford believes the numbers show these lives were taken for Saturn, whatever these elites think Saturn is.

I’m posting this in support of my theory that a Saturn Death Cult is holding the reins of power. They rule because we allow it.




Here’s more on the latest US supported atrocity in the Middle East:




This major Rabbi in Israel said Israel should be Jewish people and their slaves only. I’m surprised yahoo reported this. Are they intentionally trying to wind people up? The article also says this Rabbi calls black people “monkeys” and women “animals”. This can’t be real, right?