Actors Versus Heroes.

They try to put us in a mental trap that goes like this: if we don’t blindly go along with “our” lying government who has been waging a mental war against us - well, then we must be traitors in favor of the “enemy”. What if these media dramas are conflated by a complicit lying media? What if these so-called warring countries are a bunch of puppets putting on a show? What if the perpetual war being waged is really against US - the people of the world?


Mag believes this is the case. I have also shown, I believe, through sharing the work of various gematria analysts, that this is the case.


I do not know to what degree this is True. I do imagine these fallen individuals must jockey for advantages amongst each other. But I do believe they close ranks when it comes to US. I will continue to endeavor to expose every mental trap that has been created against US. 


I think THEY have been using technology to create a worldwide Luciferian “cult” and that they have been largely successful. Our Heavenly Father is stronger and available to all. We all have the capacity to align with this benevolent Force. It is a skill that requires practice and it is different for everyone.


“All things work together for those who love the Lord and all called according to His Purpose.”


This world is a realm of deception. Either we can crumble into despair or rise to the occasion and have a thrilling adventure facing and fighting evil directly. I believe this is what Napoleon and Jesus did. It’s the best way to play this revolting hand we have been given.