Nathan at Lift The Veil says he has intel indicating that Q is a psyop. What is Q? Q is an anonymous poster who has been revealing details about the shadow government who has been promising that the bad guys are going to face justice.


I first heard about Q from an Alex Jones clip. Red flag number one. There was a sort of pigman on that show putting out a lot of fake enthusiasm about Q. Red flag number two.  All these people were so excited about all the “sealed indictments” all over YouTube. Q was always saying “trust the plan”. Okay - sounded like a way to keep the sheep from straying too far from the plantation.


Then I heard Q had said “Elon Musk is a patriot”. I know that for years Elon Musk has been full of crap and he oozes sulfur and he’s always parading around a woman who doesn’t look like quite like a woman so I knew that wasn’t True.


It was hard to see all the people puffing their Q hopium but we’ve all been there. We’ve all wanted to believe a lie that was more pleasant than the Truth. It takes so much courage to face the Truth but it’s the Truth that brings life and freedom. Maybe Nathan’s intel is wrong but Q has obviously been BS for some time. Nathan handles this so delicately that I’m impressed. He’s right it’s just another step on the journey. We’ll get through this.