Dan Believes We’re In A Number Matrix Being Manipulated By Psychopaths Who Know How To Do It.

Even though it makes me sound like a kook, everything I do is guided by Spirit. Many months ago I heard, I think from Jesus something along the lines of “We communicate in a language of numbers”. I was being told that I was going to have to bring numbers to the audience even though math has always made me feel like a dummy.


Not long after through a “coincidence” here or there I found sort of a little “cult” surrounding Zachary K. Hubbard. My friend was into him. I thought he was wrong about pizzagate and that he was emotionally manipulative but no doubt he is knowledgeable about numbers.  


This is our journey into numbers. I do think motivation is important. I sense very pure motivation from Dan, which is why I eagerly listen to what he is telling us.