Below you will see Count Dankula discussing his freedom of speech war.


I think if the most evil Nazis were alive today, they might grimace at the inhumanity of what their former enemies have been doing since 911.


The Allied bombing of Dresden was a complete act of terrorism by the way. The media sure doesn’t talk about that much!


I think dark occult plutocrats from the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel combined efforts to blow up the Twin Towers + Building 7, +++ to fool the American people into supporting AND PAYING FOR the endless attack on the framed Muslim people.


Yes, the Nazis were cartoonishly evil as portrayed by the o so controlled media. Mel Brooks was made fabulously wealthy by turning the Nazis into his jokey punching bags. 


Now if Count Dankula wants to joke in the same vein - it’s a crime punishable by incarceration. 


As if the HYPOCRISY wasn’t maddening enough, we Americans have been literally brainwashed into accepting and paying for any horror committed by Israel and this Scottish guy can’t tell a joke?