Since my parents were narcissists, I was set up to love people who abused me which turned me into a codependent.

Then I kept getting into situations where these dynamics were at play. Eventually I learned about narcissism and through aligning with my inner connection to God, whatever you want to call it, I now know that I don’t deserve abuse.

I do not have to let people abuse me just because they want to. These narcissistic games just show who they are.

A lot of my project is simply narcissists reacting to someone who won’t take their crap anymore. They get unmasked by how they retaliate against someone who refuses to consent to their abuse.

It occurred to me that this dynamic is playing out between the people vs. the elites.

The elites offered us wonderful movies, lots of technology etc. etc. if only we’d worship them and work for them and put them on pedestals.

As we became hooked, they got nastier and the ugly lie beneath their fake smiles started to reveal itself.

Are the people “married” to elites who are abusing them with psychological manipulation and lies? Are the elites really vampires feeding off the people?

Every time we won’t back down, the controlled mainstream media verbally abuses us.

I know narcissistic abuse when I see it.