It is relatively easy to use a cellphone to mirror videos. I have an iphone. I downloaded an app called documents, then from the app I go to If you don’t mind trying it. It would be amazing if we could just flood the internet with Truth content.


Some people think Q is sincere. I think Q is a psyop. Even if we disagree about things we still agree on a few things. We know that guy at Sandy Hook was laughing before he got super weepy for the cameras. We mostly all know 911 was a false flag so the US would be manipulated to fight Israel’s endless wars. 


How many times did we hear - now you know what it’s like in Israel all the time. We are not emotionally responsible for these people because they lay these perpetual guilt trips on us. They should be feeling guilty, not us. 


If they bribe the parasites at the top we are forced to do their bidding like, yes I’m going to say it, like slaves.


Anyone I’m featuring on this blog didn’t tell me I couldn’t mirror their content. It’s always good to ask first but the people featured here seem to be fighting sincerely for the exposure of the Truth. 


Please consider joining us by mirroring and sharing your favorite Truth content wherever possible. Since I’ve been sharing my favorite Truth content, my numbers have gone way up. I’m not doing this for better numbers but if you’d like better numbers sharing top Truth content would be a way to make that happen. 


They can’t stop all of us.🌈