Chigozie says YouTube is about to terminate his channel. I hate to see education infringed upon but every time they censor us they show that they are against the people and they are against education.


I Truly believe that the tyrants in charge want us to be math illiterate when it comes to their SECRET NUMBER LANGUAGE. 


Chigozie gives us a very warm shout out in this video. He also recommends the frequently updated gematria centric blog of our friend Clifford Eberhardt:


When the puppets of the oligarchs censor us they show that the corrupt oligarchs fear exposure. When they censor us they show that they can’t win unless the game is RIGGED in their favor. When they censor us they show they are cheaters who hate the FREEDOM of others.


Their censorship exposes who they really are better than we ever could. 




Here is Chigozie on the subject of the BS news.

From Clifford’s Blog.