I think a lot of celebrity feuds are concocted dramas to distract the population from noticing the satanic ritual abuse and depravity of many in the establishment.


The last time I brought up the John Legend/ Chrissy Teigen narrative, the two of them were acting very guilty regarding pizzagate related themes.  


Yesterday, the biggest walking/breathing psyop of all time in my opinion Kim Kardashian was said to be advocating for independent thinking. She also said that people throw around accusations of mental illness when the accusers are really being manipulative jerks who are bullying others into submission.


So yesterday was kind of the day “hell froze over” for me. Kim Kardashian was fighting for the same things I fight for. 


My interpretation was not necessarily to consider Kardashian sincere. Call me cynical but I viewed Kardashian’s “conversion” as an attempt to curry favor with the public.


Even Kardashian seems to be perceiving that the people are with US, not the witches who allegedly run things.


I’d be extremely surprised if anyone could ever convince me that Kardashian is not in reality like the others. This is probably just another mask being utilized so she can continue getting whatever it is she wants.


Anyway, the morally ambiguous John Legend contacted Kanye West to emotionally blackmail him. So says West.


West betrayed Legend’s confidence and exposed Legend for the manipulative hypocrite that he more than likely just so happens to be. 


Or so the story goes.