Watch former FBI Director Comey say there’s no “deep state” He says there’s just a deep culture commitment to the defense of the Constitution.


Then how come outlaw Hillary Clinton just ALLEGEDLY drops a few more people and then her legal problems disappear? Wash, rinse, repeat. 


Anderson Cooper, the one who supposedly interned at the CIA, even acts like a real journalist in this clip. It looks like THEY KNOW their masks got ripped off.


The great awakening is real and the people do know. This is what I always say about psychopaths and narcissists:


They overplay their hand. 


They underestimate their victims. 


The maker of this video is making a search engine called Truth Index. I’ll be checking it out. It’s meant to counter the search engines that deliberately block out the Truth.


Also snopes and Wikipedia cannot be trusted.  One time snopes actually told the Truth though, we were stunned and amazed.