I’m not a scholar on Hitler. I hear everyday that history hasn’t treated him fairly. I am under the understanding that occult types celebrate his birthday. This coincides with my general view of Hitler as a dark occultist.


When I hear the name of Napoleon and Hitler joined as if they were two of a kind, I always bristle. I think this comparison is part of the injustice of the people who control media, government and education.  Then regular people parrot this comparison because they lack access to the Truth.


Basically, the shadowy cabal of tyrants don’t like real heroes. A genuine hero might get in the way of the racket they’re running on the rest of us.


This documentary below connects Hitler with famous dark occultist Helena Blavatsky. It says that the swastika is strongly associated with Blavatsky.  


Put Blavatsky with Hitler, not Napoleon.  


Napoleon was a complicated guy, overtly spiritual in his own unique way. There is no case, in my opinion, that he was a dark occultist like Blavatsky and Hitler once were.