I watched a lot of people talk about the YouTube shooting in old media reportage. First the media said it was a man and a woman shooter team.


Then they changed it to one woman. The police said they got to the scene in under two minutes. In various old media platforms, they’re saying Nasim bought her gun legally last January. It can take more than one whole year to buy a pistol legally in New York. 


California is supposed to have the most stringent laws when it comes to purchasing a pistol legally.


No one has said so far that Nasim had any income.


Buying a gun legally in California would be expensive. Nasim was complaining in her videos that 300,000 views on YouTube earned her 10 cents.


Nasim’s videos were obviously costly because she had so many costume changes and she was using sophisticated green screen and graphics.


When the police found Nasim sleeping in her car the evening preceding the incident she was so inept with technology that she had no clue how to ascertain her own phone number.


Nasim’s supposed family said they had no idea she had bought a gun. In New York, law enforcement visits the house before one buys a gun legally.


How could Nasim legally buy a gun without income or her family finding out? What kind of California residing vegan activist makes gun ownership a priority?


This witness below says that a woman in professional attire who had been shot in the foot presumably by Nasim walked across the vast property of the YouTube campus only to collapse at a nearby Carl Jr.’s


In all the reporting I watched, never saw one drop of blood.