Clearly there is a war raging between the Truth and lies. Last night I suggested that the Nasim videos look so fake as part of the old media’s attempt to discredit evidence that may surface about the ALLEGEDLY child murdering elites.


I have seen too much Masonic/Zionist/Mind Control content in the Nasim videos to believe that Nasim was just a kooky girl who made videos in her dad’s house just because. I have compiled a lot of Nasim videos if you’d like to verify my assertion.


Just check out the channel associated with the video below (on top) or search The Tanster on YouTube to see what I am suggesting about the alleged Masonic/“mkultra” branding on the Nasim videos. 


We hear there’s a snuff film involving Hillary Clinton torturing a child to death but no one can find it on the dark web so far. If someone has access to the video, we want it. Please email me about it at


This snuff film is supposedly an element of the UN Associate Peter Dalglish #pedogate bust in Nepal. The video is just rumors for now but the Dalglish bust seems uncontested at this time.


There is a theory that the entire power system of this planet is held in check by blackmail materials such as rape and murder videos.  


I heard an anecdote recently about a movie set where people were asking each other why such an incompetent director was in charge. The answer was “he has a picture of a very powerful person **cking a goat”.


Certain people in charge like to stroke themselves in public about how smart they are but I believe a lot of the success in this world comes down to who possesses the pictures with goats.


I did everything I could to make it in this world of “culture”. That door is CLOSED to non members of “that club”. It’s not a talent or intelligence issue. It’s is a CARTEL issue. Culture has been monopolized and I believe it’s being intentionally degraded by the tyrants in charge.


I believe the tyrants actually want the masses depraved, addicted and idiotic as hard as that can be to fathom. Just consider the endless rivers of pornography. We Truthers are oppressed and censored. Pornography? Of course not!


That’s why tv, movies and what they’re calling “music” right now SUCKS.


Now that cabal has come up with, I suspect, the most bizarre false flag of all time - the YouTube shooter. 


The media, the internet, a lot of people are buzzing about a video with Jordan Peele making “Obama” say that you should only believe “trusted news sources” because anyone can manifest anything in video these days. 


Not only is alleged puppet of the state Jordan Peele trying to brainwash the masses into believing “trusted news sources” but this very video below “by Nasim” is saying and showing “don’t trust your eyes”. 


I believe the powers that should not be are deliberately trying to confuse us.  


I think we should: 


BELIEVE a congruent story. 


DISBELIEVE an incongruent story.


The Youtube shooter story is incongruent according to the media reports. 


So far the YouTube shooter narrative makes sense if you look at it as a psyop with some possible trauma based mind control + a hired gun artist in service to the tyrants. 


What do do you think?

Is this propaganda and a shill shilling?