I BELIEVE Truthers are a persecuted minority and that we should be protected by the same laws that protect ANY OTHER persecuted minority.


This video describes the oppression suffered by the maker of this video. This video describes the suffering endured by those who have defended him.


He fights for what he sincerely believes to be the Truth. He has the right to say what he believes!


Both my parents were what I would consider to be deeply dishonest people. I have not led a spotless life by any means but I have always had this honesty about me that has created enormous problems throughout my life.


I did not choose to be this way. Truthers should be extended the same protections as any other PERSECUTED minority. 


It is not illegal to be honest but there are SEVERE CONSEQUENCES for being honest. 


What an upside down pit this has become because we’ve allowed the tyrants to accumulate way too much power. 


A witch or a vampire’s power is illusory. We have the right to speak the Truth and NO ONE has the right to persecute us.


Fortunately, the Truthful usually have significant spiritual support. It’s so important for us to be in touch with that knowledge.