I think someone was denigrating something I was doing yesterday because the information was “from the internet”. I immediately knew that person was a brainwashed one programmed to believe the “official” sources of information like “Harvard” or the “New York Times”. A person who trusts those sources is substituting the beast system’s hivemind for their own mind. Then they pat themselves on the back for being so smart. The hivemind told them they’re smarter for listening to the “real sources”.

This is how institutionalized and programmed narcissism keeps the brainwashed masses in the thrall of the dark occult rulers.

However, when a person really says fuck you to the system and aligns with one’s inner connection to the Light, amazing things happen. Basically what I’ve always really wanted was what I really wanted because that’s part of my job existing on this planet right now. It’s no coincidence I’ve been obsessed with art and God and yes, Napoleon. My destiny is about these wonders. The power that flows through someone on a real mission is intoxicating and I believe it can change the world. Join us.

The comment below is by Bry416 and it is part of a YouTube comment “from the internet”.