Sometimes I post clips from Pockets of the Future aka Paul Romano. If he’s saying something that I’d like to say, I’d rather just post someone else saying it to bring a multiplicity of voices.


I feel a lot of the Truth Community faces the issue that we have been psychologically programmed to have conflicts with each other.


Paul Romano makes really good clickbait celebrity titles for his videos. And then he just sh**s on that person for as long as he feels like it. Most of the time, he has a very valid point. See the video below. 


Then he puts on his “heartfullness meditation” hat and he preaches a lot of new age blather. Most of it is mostly True.


He sh**s on Christians but sounds like one when when he feels like talking about demons and Satanism.


He also dumps on the Trumpers but never India or Hinduism. India and Hinduism are always, from what I’ve heard, held as sacred in Romano’s world.


The problem, it seems, is we don’t get Hinduism and India like he does. That’s the vibe I get.


When he’s not doing his spiritual teacher content, Romano does periodic videos where he turns it around on his commenters and turn it around he does!


He’ll go on very passive aggressively how the problem is them. I’ve even heard Romano say that people are attracted to him because he’s so godly but then that godliness challenges the person. I heard him say that’s the real reason why some people who listen to him don’t actually like him.  (I think it’s the covert narcissism, the hypocrisy and the passive aggressiveness).


I’m someone who listens to him and for the most part I don’t like him. I’ve been telling myself I’m trying to figure out why he bugs me. 


About those negative commenters, Romano has said that he’s very spiritually in touch with himself so he already knows all about his flaws. They’re just telling him what he already knows so nya nya.  


My father was a self serving narcissistic guy who loved to spew his new age blather because he could passive aggressively weaponize his “spirituality”.


If I asked for better?


Well, no one’s perfect. 


If I complained I was being abused. I was told there’s no right and wrong. He’d tell me I should be more POSITIVE. Any problem I was having was my fault. He said my negative thinking was the real problem in my life.


He could just skate and dance out of anything with his made up self serving religion. 


Romano runs a click bait celebrity gossip channel that preaches to the audience about new age spirituality.


He doesn’t really identify who’s doing wrong in this world. It’s just the “controllers”. He won’t talk about the whole gender inversion thing because according to him, “it’s not a slam dunk.”  So when an obvious man in a dress fights in the controlled media for “feminism”, Romano just sidesteps the elephant in the room.


Why are men in dresses pretending that they can speak for women? Why are celebrity men in dresses glamorizing abortion?


Men in dresses can speak on behalf of other secretive men in dresses. Since Romano can’t or won’t see that this is happening, you might as well listen to E! Entertainment on matters of “feminism”. To me, it’s just part of the fake divide and conquer agenda they want to force feed to the public. Corroborating this media fiction advances their agenda, not ours.


Romano’s comments are full of people treating him as their guru which is a sad testament that people will follow anyone for suspect reasons. 


I’m not sure but I don’t think he’s an actual shill. He might point people in the right direction spiritually because God really is to be found within. 


I think what’s bothered me with Romano has been the celebrity gossip/new age preaching/passive aggressive attacks combo of his channel. He can be self deprecating which on some people is a convenient move so you can’t hold them accountable for their hypocrisy and incongruence. 


In conclusion, I think Romano’s work does have value. He does call out the Hollywood pedophiles. I also think he’s fighting for the right side.  One of my defining traits is that I have perhaps unreasonably high standards which is a blessing and a curse. That’s why I believe Paul Romano irritates me despite the fact that I think he’s mostly ok.