313mandroid made my day again by putting the name of this blog over the destruction of a tv.


Antifa communist types like to chant “we have nothing to lose but our chains”.  That tv is our chains. I’ve learned that spells need to be constantly administered to work. In other words, turn that tv off and the spell wears off.


Is David “son of FBI” Hogg an agent? Why did they have another clearly mind controlled gunman the previous year in Broward County? How come Nicolas Cruz was lifeless when they hand cuffed him? Why is there an online link saying David Hogg graduated from Redondo Beach in 2015 in web searches.


Why was that David Hogg 2015 classmates.com page taken down? Why could I sign into classmates.com saying I was David Hogg, class of 2015, and there was a David Hogg on the list?


Why did his mother have a picture of David wearing a graduation gown which was the same as the other Redondo Beach 2015 graduates?


Why did the news put David Hogg on tv from Redondo Beach because his friend was being obnoxious at the beach?


Why did Jimmy Kimmel call us disgusting pig scumbags for actually looking at this with our non media brainwashed minds? Could it be that Jimmy Kimmel is also a mind control puppet who gets a tv show of his own so he can push us into thinking what his masters want us to think?


Why is Jimmy Kimmel so unfunny?