I believe if we as a community can pool our abilities to research the YouTube shooting, we can learn some important Truths.


Here we have Nasime talking to the police before the incident. I’m very interested in hearing what you get out of this.  


I’m still offering a commission to anyone who can prove or disprove my theory that Eric Wareheim made the videos.


I just don’t see how a failure to launch person who ran away from home in her late thirties could produce videos of that complexity all by herself. If she was plagued by concerns about money, as she stated in her complaints about demonetization, how could she afford such advanced productions all by herself? 


How did the powers that be have the capacity to tear down all her online content day of the incident? As you can see in the video, it takes the loooongest time for the police to ascertain her phone number.


According to this video Nasime was an android user who doesn’t know how to find her own phone number. Yet, her videos were every bit as sophisticated as a major filmmaker of right now?