Many of us are slaves to debt and taxes and bills.


Those who control these things don’t seem to have laws enforced when they get caught breaking laws. 


We can’t survive without the money printed by the Rothschilds. The US money is printed by these Rothschilds - whoever they are.


Human trafficking is a massive problem and the media, which is controlled (the Rothschilds own Reuters and the AP), calls it fake news when it comes time to investigate this in regard to elites. 


I recently posted an article that Washington DC just so happens to have a serious slavery “trafficking” problem. #pizzagate is about this very topic.


We’ve also learned a few years ago Obama, the first so called black president made slavery legal again. The Clintons have also been accused of “possessing” slaves. 


We have learned that in the holy books of the people who call themselves Jews (there is debate about the real identity of this so called group), many of them are looking forward to the day when they will enjoy having 800 slaves - each one gets 800 slaves. 


This video is about this expectation of enslaving others: