They want people all upset because children died. They want people in a scared, emotional place. 


These masons or whatever we’re not sure seem to kill children each and everyday in a multiple of ways.


These people do not care about children. For them children are just something to be used so they can continue to get whatever it is they want right now. 


No matter how much they have, it’s just never enough for them. We are never giving these people enough. Because WW2 was really bad for them. WW2 was a miserable time for most Europeans - NOT JUST THEM. 


It is permanent emotional blackmail for us to say nothing because they’ve gotten kicked out of so many countries before. 


Maybe they kept getting kicked out because the children kept disappearing.  


The Talmud says that it’s okay to kill and enslave us and that they have the right to rape kids. Look it up.