Here is where Wikipedia said the “March For Our Lives” was “student led”.


Here is the email from the police saying the permits for the march were obtained months before the 2/14 Stoneman Douglas Catastrophe. The media says the march was crafted AS A RESULT of the catastrophe.


Here below is where an obvious agent of Giffords tells a crowd the following:


All the big democrats who want to win in the future will meet with the group. 


Southwest Air and Marriott are donating EVERYTHING! 


Dont EVER let the kids talk to the press unless they are completely under the control of Giffords. They must parrot their talking points. 


The obvious agent used SCHOOL RESOURCES to help push this event and it’s anticonstitutional agenda.


The weather would be perfect (and it was) because she shouldn’t really be saying this but because the Jews control the weather and the ENTIRE room shared a KNOWING laugh. 


The last thing the teacher/agent says a few times: 


This must never ever ever ever ever get out: