This video is over the top but it makes some good points.


Theres no question that the controllers want us people divided. I see it too much every day to deny it. 


The controllers may have given the Resistance everything we cannot endure at the same time in the visage of David Hogg.


He doesn’t seem young enough to really be in high school. He can’t keep his story straight. He is such a fame whore. He is effeminate. He sneers at us. He threatens our deaths AND he’s adept at being a guilt tripping manipulator.


He’s demanding and demanding the dismantling of the Constitution. At the same time the controllers are censoring us and calling us very ugly names if we complain about someone who seems SO DISINGENUOUS.


Of course, honest and courageous people view this guy as a representation of what we’re fighting against.


Every thing just screams SHILL. 


The controllers are pretty good at manipulating the masses. They have lots of practice at it. Do the bad guys want us hating this FBI spawn so we’ll miss the True targets - the real monsters behind the veil who’ll do whatever Lucifer says it wants?