This is where it gets really weird. I can’t remember who but I was listening to someone on YouTube who referenced the video below. He said the link was under his video. The video is disgusting. He felt people should know about it. He was talking about a video about Back to the Future. The YouTuber sounded freaked out. I started watching the video then I became totally disgusted and I understood the guy’s point.


I’m not from a Luciferian background. I don’t know how these people treat their children BUT I have a lot of reason to believe that, though some are born very wealthy, the children of Luciferians do not have it easy. 


I show clues often to give you an idea of what is probably going on. Let’s say that the whole Donald Trump/Ivanka dynamic is not just them.


When I couldn’t even finish watching this video, the first time I saw it months ago, I started to realize that there was a lot more going on with Back to the Future than one might think.


Remember, we are almost constantly hearing stories about rampant pedophilia in Hollywood. At least I am. There is a reason for that.