WELL, first I was guided to show that 911 was a satanic ritual. Through that investigation I came to see the people behind 911, more than likely sacrificed their own main city. Which blows my mind of course.


The Russians burned down Moscow to hurt Napoleon. Napoleon had no capacity to imagine such a thing were possible because he would have never done something like that to Paris. Napoleon realized his opponents were capable of committing horrors that he couldn’t even imagine doing.


Now that I’ve made my case about 911, at least to my satisfaction, now I’m being guided to find out what clues can be found in the Back to the Future movies about the reality of the dark occultists who seem to be manipulating our reality. 


It should come as no surprise that I was a pretty offbeat youngster who did not like mainstream content like Back to the Future that I felt was being forcefed to me. I resisted this stuff. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the sequels.


The song below was the biggest thing back then so naturally I didn’t want to hear it. It’s interesting that the main line in this song, “that’s the power of love” shares a gematria of 91 with “make America great again”. Back to the Future has a jokey Trump type that is coded to Trump, named Bif. We’ll break this down together. It’s going to take a while. Mining Back to the Future for the Truth is the last thing I’d ever expect to be doing and I find it HILARIOUS. 


Were people influenced to buy Trump’s schtick of “make America great again” because they had been seeded with that vibration by hearing “that’s the power of love” so many times on the radio?


People are moonies for Trump. There’s clearly some serious mind control at play. You can’t tell a lot of these people anything but he’s wonderful about Trump - they just can’t hear it.