I wrote the name Prince into a search hoping to look up the rockstar. This, in the screenshot below, is what came up first.


In the song, “Let’s Go Crazy” Prince sings about not letting the elevator take him down.


Prince acted for a time as if his name was a symbol of androgyny. This symbol was called, “love”. 


Notice that the other names that came up were those of the English royal family. Prince died on Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. Obama went straight to the Queen around the time of Prince’s death/ Elizabeth’a birthday. 9 is a death number in numerology.


It is said that the Queen once abducted 10 children from Canada. They were never seen alive again. 


Prince Charles is proud to tell people he is descended from the inspiration for Dracula - Vlad the Impaler. 


Producer LA Reid, who I photographed when I was working for Getty Images, said Prince thought the elevator was the devil. 


Prince was allegedly murdered then found dead in his own elevator.