Today I posted about the satanic ritual type orgy depicted in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. I strongly suspect Chrissy Teigen is a surgically enhanced man wearing a prosthetic belly in the video below.

I also recently showed that Teigen reacted intensely like a guilty person about assertions made by Liz Crokin. LOTS of smoke swirled all over Teigen’s reaction.

Teigen had written about the pleasure of sex with a child and all kinds of other outrageous creepiness. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

After that scandal, the press collectively decided Teigen was innocent of everything before even apparently looking into it. Teigen then went on TV where she and Fallon both agreed they’d like to have an Eyes Wide Shut theme party.  The footage I’m discussing is at minute 26 in the video. The biggest scandal here is that the mainstream press covers for pedos and alleged pedos REGULARLY. How do these people live with themselves?


I think they play this flashing game to throw people off from seeing the abundance of male features. That arm is not female length. There is the male predatory gaze. The high receding male hairline. The skull is male size. It does take a while to make that adjustment to see the transgender in these types that we were brainwashed to view as beautiful. It is well worth the effort to learn about anatomy to spot the deceivers.