There’s a theory that covert satanic devils have to reveal the Truth at least in subtle ways. It’s one of those rules.

The spirit realms operates through contracts and consent. A person has to be aware of the contents of a contract to be bound by it.

For example, if someone wants to abuse me, I have to consent to it. A gallery owner said she wanted to feature my art. When I came to show her my art, she became rude and abusive. Therefore if I wanted to continue working with this individual, I would have had to consent to being abused. We would have formed a sort of contract. The contract wouldn’t have been binding if I hadn’t been shown what was in store. 

The theory goes that Hollywood can fulfill their end by laying the Truth out in the fiction their media machine pumps out. Here it is a feature of the show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”  that Michael J. Fox is faking his Parkinson’s for personal gain.

So much of how they get the Truth out is through comedy and then the duped masses end up on the hook. 

Here is Michael J. Fox saying he pretends to have Parkinson’s on demand.