I gave my life over to the will of God in 2014. I wasn’t happy or healthy so essentially I said whatever I was doing wasn’t working so I’d give myself up to the will of the Divine. I didn’t know what would happen - if anything. 

Listening to that inner voice, I’ve done irritating, dangerous things one after another. First I gave away rainbow art on the streets which led to a police officer at my door etc. etc. 

That inner voice tells me to combat evil. The greatest evils I’m told to fight is that of false prophets and those who commit satanic ritual abuse against children.  I’m not saying I’m doing it right but I am TRYING. This is my best. This is the eternal struggle between good and evil and I feel privileged to play my role. I have always HATED LIES with a fiery intensity.

Hans Wilhelm does a delightful job here explaining his theory on the Truth about evil.