Many satanists appear to be posing as “Jews”. They frame Jewish people by their evil behavior. Then they scapegoat the innocent.

This is my understanding of what’s going on right now. The masks must drop. I can’t prove it myself but it looks like the Rothschild family banking dynasty essentially funded the Nazis. If that’s True and I’ve never seen it refuted anywhere credibly, that means A LOT.


It means the worst enemy of the Jewish people has been the Rothschilds, et al. That means the Rothschilds cannot really be Jewish. They are USING being Jewish. Being really Jewish is following the laws of God.


Essentially being Godly is: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Do not lie. Do not steal. Do not kill - and so on.


Satanism is the direct opposite of Godly teaching. It is “Do what thou wilt”. It’s about harming people for selfish gain! Current events only make sense once we realize that psychotic parasitic entities are holding the reigns of worldly power.


Look at how the debauched power elite party.