I think I know a cult when I see one.

I had a cult experience where I was sued for exposing their ways. 


a cult: 


Appears “nice” at first. 


It offers knowledge and other things you might might desire including a sense of belonging. 


There is a charismatic but morally compromised looking leader. 


Over time, the group influences the cult members to go against their mostly good belief system. 


Intermittent kindness is used. 


Hypnosis is used. 


Seductiveness is used. 




I view cults as really big narcissistic family type systems. When it comes down to it, I think cults are just another way for demonic forces to take greater hold in the souls of humans - on whom they feed.


The video below is posted many many times on YouTube associated with Chabad Lubavitch so at least someone thinks the shoe fits. I have posted this video before because I recognize that this video shows how cults operate.  I also see cult tactics being used on certain YouTube channels. The techniques are slippery so it is wise to stay vigilant about their tricks.