Some thoughts on the YouTube shills.

Since there are so many liars pretending to tell the Truth, the result is that many despair and believe no one. This is a clever tactic to prevent the Truthful from being heard.


This is why I always attempt to show people to look out for their tricks:

Us vs. them

How dare you?!

Playing dumb

Fear, obligation, guilt etc.


Think twice if someone is not congruent and doesn’t make sense. I don’t trust “Truthers” who contradict themselves. Getting in touch with one’s intuition and listening to it is a great way to develop discernment. If someone is saying self serving nonsense - they are deceived or they are lying.


Some of these Youtube shills are using cult tactics. I’m careful to not accuse directly until I have real evidence but over time I can usually identify a cult leader. It’s a pattern of behavior.