Just because people tell each other that they are superior does not make it True.

I’ve been hearing my whole life about how very wonderful it is for art to be “edgy”. I say how wonderful would it be for art to be Truthful? Imagine if more people had the courage to tell the obvious Truth? 


There really are many who find it very pleasant to be lied to. I find lies infuriating.


The chasm between Truth and lies is where this battle is occurring. I think it’s SO IMPORTANT to watch who picks up the flag of lies. Watch who picks up the flag of Truth. Watch who does nothing. This project is the story of right now. I will only deal in the best and most accurate evidence I can find. The part a person plays in this grand tableau is predicated on their ACTIONS. In a way, this is The Judgement. 


Nothing that has been hidden will remain so. The Truth is a force beyond this realm and it cannot be stopped. 


The pressure is mounting to silence me. Watch each and every individual who tries to silence me. It’s already quite a long list. 


I have the right to do the hero’s journey live in pursuit of Truth. I have the right to freedom of speech. Telling the Truth is an aspect of my religion and I have the right to practice it openly. What if performing acts of Truth is what will bring holiness back to this realm? 


What if that’s the real Truth? 


What if the real God is a God of Truth?