Is this whole “Desmond is Amazing” situation a big psyop to bring on anger and despair and destruction?

There is a boy across several media platforms who is being promoted for cross dressing and dancing like a stripper.


A “benefit” for the ruling degenerates to this activity would be grooming more child victims with the promise of “success and fame”. Perhaps the degenerate establishment is using this as part of their efforts to foment revolution. If they want “population control”, wouldn’t it be beneficial to them to get the masses to slaughter each other? Divide and conquer media tricks must be seen for exactly what they are. 


I don’t like spreading this around but people do need to see what type are in charge right now. This “Desmond” topic wouldn’t be everywhere unless it were being pushed by the media establishment.


The video above exposing this outrage may very well be part of the psychological operation. This is all getting rolled out on YouTube like a concerted operation. The ones expressing outrage about the Desmond situation look as “trans” as the ones supporting it, in some cases. 


I’m posting this to back up the theory that the reprobate Sabbatean Frankist cult is running media. They are probably behind putting this in front of everyone who possesses access to media. I’m presenting this to further highlight that the rot emanates from a rich and powerful amoral cult.


Here is where the degeneracy media campaign was at in 1990. This whole pro and con campaign about Desmond looks manufactured (to me). I really want the reader to see through the levels and layers of the tricks at work here.