The Memoirs of Napoleon’s Stepdaughter Hortense, Pages 180-190.

Louis tries another tactic to trick Hortense into saying she was cheating on him when really she wasn’t.

We last finished reading: With Napoleon in Russia and the memoirs of Napoleon’s Valet Marchand from their time together all over Europe and at St. Helena.

Now I’m reading the Memoirs of Hortense Bonaparte. All three writers of these memoirs are considered exceptionally honest. All three essentially lived with Napoleon. Then I plan to read a selection of Napoleon’s letters to ladies. You will see that Napoleon is the same person in all of these accounts. I’m doing this because I believe this is important and that our whole present world-in-crisis comes out of this True story.

Click here for the amazing first book of this series: With Napoleon in Russia:

Click here for the gripping account of how the English Government tortured and murdered a great man who dared to threaten their control over the world.

To corroborate our narrative from the perspective of our opponents, I offer you Tolstoy’s War and Peace:

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